Corrosion Fest 2021 March

Corrosion Fest 2021

Alhambra Live, Morecambe

Corrosion and McGothic Fox Promotions bring you two days of Goth and Alternative music From twelve great bands, topped off with a Corrosion Club Night with DJ Alex (The Gothmariner) playing a great mix of Goth and Alternative tunes to fill the dance floor. All at The Alhambra, Morecambe.

Starting on Friday 12th of March 2021 from 7pm to 1am and Saturday 13th of March from 2pm to 2am. The festival features the following acts and bands:

Friday 12th March 2021:

Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus are a UK-based pagan / goth / folk rock band who formed in the summer of 1989. Their latest album, the 25th album released by the band, “Lilith Rising” went on international release at the end of October 2019.


Formed in early 2017, Wisborg create haunting music that draws from elements of dark wave and post-punk. Visually, they are influenced by the aesthetics of the German silent movie era.


With plans to dominate the UK industrial scene, Fleisch deliver foot stomping metal with a fetish flair. Fleisch have often been described as the angry love child of Depeche Mode and Rammstein, combining hard hitting beats with 80’s style vocals and German techno influences. The trio released their 2016 album “Mine” and have since been extensively touring the UK. In 2017 Fleisch toured with the infamous Ost+Front in Germany, the home of industrial metal. In 2018 they released their first new material since the Mine album and followed it with a year long tour of the UK and more European shows. 2019 will see the band release more new material and continue their industrial conquest.


Novus are an industrial / electro band from the UK. Back in the day, you may have seen them live, sharing a stage with the likes of Combichrist, Nitzer-Ebb, Front Line Assembly, Solar Fake, The Birthday Massacre, Alec Empire, Cruxshadows, Angelspit, Covenant, Hocico, Panzer AG, Deviant UK, Ashbury Heights, Inkubus Sukkubus, Pride and Fall, Toyah, Alien Vampires, Code 64, Attrition, Blancmange, Two Witches or Auger.

Sarahjane Farr is the voice of Novus (ex Faithful Dawn, Scandacross & Hexedene). She is joined once again by Peter Jones on guitar and we will be unveiling a new band member very shortly.

A brand new EP is currently being recorded in the Studio Under The Stairs.

Saturday 13th March 2021:

Then Comes Silence

Then Comes Silence are the Swedish captains of post-punk. The quartet from Stockholm is a fresh breeze of gothic renaissance, kicking darkness around with hammering rhythms and melodies that make hearts melt and blood freeze. The fascination for doom and darkness pervade and influence every tune and word.

Star Industry

Star Industry are a gothic rock band formed in 1996 in Belgium. They have since released four studio albums, a live album and three EPs.

The four-piece band frequently plays tours and genre festivals. Among the goth scene the most well known hit is the track Nineties, which in 1998 topped the Israeli alternative music chart.

Long Night

Long Night are a Dark / Gothic Rock Band from Norway. After a long period of silence, two pioneer artists of the legendary Norwegian gothic metal scene team up and join forces with an impeccably credentialed guitarist to form a new group. With a common knack for creating new, refreshingly old school, top-notch gothic rock music, the trio is about to make an indelible mark on the dusky realm of gothic rock. Bold and mesmerizing, their new EP, “Sorrow Returns” is an excellent reminder of what this genre is about; imposing rhythm, haunting melodies and deep, thrilling vocals, with the occasional flair for spaghetti westerns.


“1919 formed in December 1980 in Bradford and set about recording heavy, melodic, intense dance music with no frills and pretensions. The band were an early contributor to what became the Goth genre.” (Gods and Alchoves)

1919 had chart success with the singles “Caged”, “Repulsion” and “Cry Wolf” as well as the 1984 LP “Machine”. They also recorded two Peel Sessions.

In 2014, founding guitarist Mark Tighe attempted to reform the band, recruiting Rio Goldhammer from the Leeds underground scene to perform vocals and (initially) bass.

In 2015, original drummer Mick Reed returned to the fray, providing the final piece of the puzzle in the form of bassist Karl Donner. With the band’s core reunited, the “Madness Continues Sessions” live-album quickly emerged, along with the self-released Death Note EP.

Two European tours and a host of festival appearances later, the band signed a deal with Westworld Recordings in 2016 to release a new album, “Bloodline”. The second studio album from 1919 was released in March 2017, 33 years after the first.


IAmWarFace is a Nu-Rock band formed in Brighton 2016 by singer / producer Matt Warneford. The name is a cunning metaphor for his own original style of bombastic high-energy groove based electro-rock, which has been affectionaly branded “Rocktronica” by none other than legendary Virgin Radio host Eddy Temple Morris.

The aim of IAmWarFace has always been to create a new, edgier kind of rock sound, echoing the rebellious creativity of the early 90’s and punk danger of the 70’s.

This Can Hurt

This Can Hurt are an industrial post wave band from the Netherlands formed in 2014. “When a studio becomes a laboratory, sound creation has no limits; Welcome to our universe!”

Her Despair

Her Despair are a dark rock band from London. Since 2015, Her Despair have been creating excitement within the gothic music scene. Releasing “Hymns For the Hopeless” that year, followed by “Mournography” in 2018, the band will soon unveil their latest offering.

Chaos 8

Chaos 8 hail from the North East of England. A definitive hard driven guitar sound with dark swirling synths give you atmospheric textures that truly bring out brutal, beautiful and oppressive moods that encapsulate every single song. Razor sharp lyrics, thunderous beats and mesmerising vocals.

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