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Liquid Engineers (Gary Numan Tribute)

Gary Numan has been cited as a major influence on acts such as Nine Inch Nails to Prince. His music has been covered by acts from Beck, Blur, Basement Jaxx, Africa Bambatta, Marilyn Manson, Little Boots and many more.

Standing within the smoke and haze effects and with the light show transporting you to the front row seat of a Gary Numan concert, Pat Martin without doubt, the hardest working UK Gary Numan tribute, delivers a vocal and visual spectacle from the moment he hits the stage and the band begins to perform that unique and authentic Numan sound.

The Liquid Engineers are a five piece live band performing material from the start of Numan’s career to his current sound. The band gives Numan fans old and new a show that will remain in your memory long after you left the venue.

Liquid Engineers are:

Pat – Lead vocals, occasional guitar & synths

David H – Synths & programming

Faye – Bass guitar & Moog synth

Pete – Lead / rhythm guitars

Dave T (Twiggs) – Drums

“I was instantly taken back to Numans recent massively impressive gig at The Royal Albert Hall in London. I kid you not, this small venue in Darlington, with a tribute band and I was taken aback, genuinely surprised and impressed. With the full band now on stage, with the full band sound, powerful sound system, a stage set bringing back memories of Numan’s Touring Principle 1979, some amazing smoke effects and lights – this was going to be a very special performance indeed.” – Kevin Stevens

“All I heard afterwards was “Wow” style comments – even the sound and lighting team provided by the venue were blown away. They weren’t Numan fans but they planned to check out his back catalogue – so huge was the impression The Liquid Engineers left. This long standing Numan fan says – Numan, be careful you have competition in the form of The Liquid Engineers” – Mr Smith

“A brilliant night, one of the best tributes I’ve ever witnessed and one that’ll be top of my list to see EVERY time they venture down south. I hope the word is spread far and wide so these guys can return. If you’re an 80s synth loving music lover like me then put The Liquid Engineers top of your to see list.” – SX Bar & Venue Review

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