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Corrosion Fest 2023

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A weekend of West Coast Gothic at Corrosion Fest with live music from eleven great bands!

Must be 18+

CorrosionFest 2023 is a celebration of Goth and Alternative music featuring live music from bands from the UK and Europe over two days. Each day finishes with Corrosion club night resident DJ and a possible guest DJ taking you into the small hours.

CorrosionFest started as a one day festival in March 2020, run by Goths for Goths and lovers of alternative music. Everyone is welcome. The bands cover a range of styles from from Goth Rock and Punk to Dark Wave, industrial and beyond!

CorrosionFest has now grown offering 11 bands, each bringing you their own original music over two days, each night ending with Corrosion Club night so you can keep on dancing into the small hours. Starting at 7.00pm Friday the 10th of March then Saturday runs from 2.00pm to 2.00am.

We do get a few early birds that arrive on the Thursday. If you are someone that likes an extra night we encourage you to get together in the Bath Rock pub on Northumberland Street. There is usually a free jukebox for the night before CorrosionFest.


Friday: V2A (UK), The Dark (UK), Saigon Blue Rain (France), Korinthians (Belgium)

Saturday: Aeon Sable (Germany), Star+Industry (Belgium) Another Tale (Germany), Rhombus (UK) This Can Hurt (Belgium), The Webb (UK) Lupine (UK)

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