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Corrosion Fest 2024

Alhambra Live, Morecambe

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A weekend of West Coast Gothic at Corrosion!

Corrosion’s Pocket bespoke international indoor festival of live Goth and Alternative music returns to Morecambe. We bring you 11 great bands from around Europe and the UK over 2 days and all in one great venue.

FRIDAY (7.00pm onwards):

  • All My Thorns (UK)
  • Zeitgeist Zero
  • Kuro (UK)
  • Dhampyers (UK)

SATURDAY (2.00pm onwards):

  • The Arch (BE)
  • Je T’aime (FR)
  • Golden Apes (DE)
  • Motel Transylvania (IT)
  • Healthy Junkies (UK)
  • Last July (UK)
  • The Scarlett Hour (UK)
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